Part 7 of 22: How does the Zachman Framework™ compare with other frameworks?

How does the Zachman Framework™ compare with other frameworks? In this 22 part Enterprise Architecture conversation, John Zachman and Sunil Dutt Jha discuss the fact that there is no comparison because the popular frameworks are trying to help deliver some results ... and results, implementations, by definition, are composite in nature. The Zachman Framework classifies Primitives, "elements". Primitives don't do anything. The Zachman Framework doesn't do anything. However, if an Enterprise actually had Primitives defined by the Zachman Framework in a Repository, they could very quickly create a literally INFINITE number of different composites. Therefore, by definition, any Framework that creates composite representations by definition is creating a very small sub-set of the total infinite possibilities. John Zachman is quick to observe he never said to "stop the music" for 20 years and build Primitive Models. He said, someday, SOME DAY, the Enterprise is going to wish they had a critical mass of the Primitive Models. Feel free to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you ENJOY the VIDEO! For more information about how to become a Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect, visit COMPLETE 22 part PLAYLIST: John A. Zachman, CEO Zachman International, Executive Director The FEAC Institute / Sunil Dutt Jha, CEO iCMG Zachman Youtube: Zachman Linkedin: Zachman Twitter: iCMG Linkedin: Zachman® and Zachman International® are registered trademarks of Zachman International, Inc.

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