Part 20 of 22: How do we convince upper management that Enterprise Architecture is not I.T.?

How do we convince upper management that Enterprise Architecture is not I.T.? In this 22 part Enterprise Architecture conversation, John Zachman and Sunil Dutt Jha talk about how Enterprise Architecture today is often thought of as an IT issue. General Management does not connect up Enterprise Architecture with the Enterprise, let alone with the issues of General management. A CEO survey of 108 high visibility CEO's to a person said "the biggest problem facing the Enterprise is change." If that is the biggest problem, where is the Executive Vice President in charge of Change?! If you do a survey of 7,000 years of history of humanity it will quickly reveal that Architecture is the only mechanism that humanity has discovered for managing change in anything. And, the Ontological Primitive Models ARE Architecture. If we could get enough Primitive Models into inventory to solve a General Management problem, we would not have any problem getting the resources and time to do Enterprise Architecture and accommodate orders of magnitude increases in the rate of change. Feel free to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you ENJOY the VIDEO! For more information about how to become a Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect, visit COMPLETE 22 part PLAYLIST: John A. Zachman, CEO Zachman International, Executive Director The FEAC Institute / Sunil Dutt Jha, CEO iCMG Zachman Youtube: Zachman Linkedin: Zachman Twitter: iCMG Linkedin: Zachman® and Zachman International® are registered trademarks of Zachman International, Inc.

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