Part 12 of 22: Isn't writing code a better short term strategy than Architecture?

Zachman® Isn't writing code a better short term strategy than Architecture? In this 22 part Enterprise Architecture conversation, John Zachman and Sunil Dutt Jha talk about time to market for Enterprise Architecture. A common misconception is, writing code is a good short term strategy. That is incorrect. Writing code gets you to implementation quickly but it does not reduce your time to market for future implementations. You get more of what you have now. To reduce time to market you have to have something in inventory before you get the order ... but what you have in inventory has to be engineered to be reused in any implementation. Building up an inventory of Primitive, reusable, single-variable components enables you to change your implementation strategy to "Assemble-to-order" (in manufacturing, "Mass-Customization") to reduce your time to market to virtually ZERO. And, you need single-variable components (Primitive) models to solve General Management problems. So solve General Management problems one at a time building up your inventory of Architectural, Primitive Models iteratively and incrementally. Feel free to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you ENJOY the VIDEO! For more information about how to become a Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect, visit COMPLETE 22 part PLAYLIST: John A. Zachman, CEO Zachman International, Executive Director The FEAC Institute / Sunil Dutt Jha, CEO iCMG Zachman Youtube: Zachman Linkedin: Zachman Twitter: iCMG Linkedin: Zachman® and Zachman International® are registered trademarks of Zachman International, Inc.

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