Part 9 of 22: What is the Role of the Enterprise Architect?

What is the Role of the Enterprise Architect? In this 22 part Enterprise Architecture conversation, John Zachman and Sunil Dutt Jha discus a medical metaphor as the basis for defining the Role of the Enterprise Architect. The Doctor goes to school to learn about the Human Body (the Body Architecture), how to diagnose problems and prescribe solutions. The X-ray technician takes a picture, a snap-shot, a Model that is good at a point in time, fixed. The Doctor reads the X-Ray, diagnoses the problem, prescribes a solution. The Diagnosis and Prescription are dependent on the understanding of the Human Body, the Architecture "Primitives", the Ontology which is timeless. The X-Ray is a snap-shot, a Model, a Composite, created by a technician at a point in time. The Role of the Enterprise Architect should be one like a Doctor, understanding the Human Body, the Architecture Primitives, diagnosing problems, prescribing solutions, not simply the X-Ray Technician building Models, composites, snap-shots. The real value lies in diagnosing the Enterprise problems and prescribing solutions, not simply building Composite, implementation Models. Feel free to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you ENJOY the VIDEO! For more information about how to become a Zachman Certified™ - Enterprise Architect, visit COMPLETE 22 part PLAYLIST: John A. Zachman, CEO Zachman International, Executive Director The FEAC Institute / Sunil Dutt Jha, CEO iCMG Zachman Youtube: Zachman Linkedin: Zachman Twitter: iCMG Linkedin: Zachman® and Zachman International® are registered trademarks of Zachman International, Inc.

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